Chef Saraubh Udinia

Revolver laces Indian cooking sensibilities with international flair and ingredients.

Dish: Lumina lamb chops served with habanero korma.

A diet of chicory leaves imparts a distinct, fresh flavour to these spring lamb chops from New Zealand’s Lumina farms.

At Revolver, we grill and serve the lamb with korma, a traditional North Indian lamb stew flavoured with green cardamom, black pepper, cashews and spiked with spicy Indian Habaneros.

"Lumina lamb chops have this beautiful and unique flavour that goes really well with Indian spices. The meat is so tender and behaves well with marinades and fire."

Saraubh Udinia

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Executive Chef Nobu Lee creates contemporary cuisine using local, seasonal ingredients and is a strong believer in simplicity and natural beauty.

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