Our customers

With a highly select supply of just 150,000 lambs, Lumina is served at some of the best restaurants around the world. Those who seek out and appreciate its uniqueness and quality.



Travis fell for the flavours of Greece, Spain, Italy, Morocco, the Middle East, and every place along the Mediterranean coastline during his time cooking at iconic French chef Daniel Boulud’s NYC restaurant, Boulud Sud.


Boulevard Kitchen

Boulevard Kitchen showcases the Chefs’ classical techniques and rigorous training, punctuated by creative influences from around the world that breathe new life into local ingredients.


Crown Resorts

Josh has worked at The Square restaurant (2 Michelin stars) and The French Laundry (3 Michelin stars). He returned to London and opened Kitchen W8 (1 Michelin star in the first year).

New Zealand

Park Hyatt

Lumina braised lamb shoulder is a regular feature on the menu here.



A diet of chicory leaves imparts a distinct, fresh flavour to these spring lamb chops from New Zealand’s Lumina farms.



Nobu started his career in Christchurch New Zealand 23 years ago, and cheffing has taken him to Taiwan, Japan, France, Australia and New Zealand (again).