Our difference

Part of what makes Lumina the best lamb in the world is our unique genetics, the finest diet and the meticulous processes we adhere to.

Our people

Lumina lamb is only made possible through the extraordinary commitment of the people behind our product; our farmers, butchers, and chefs. We call them the Lumina Family, and they’re the visionaries at the heart of our story.

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Our iconic hill and high country help us produce the world’s best lamb, and we take our responsibility for it seriously. We’re committed to sustainability and aim to protect our land for future generations.

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The finest diet

Lumina lamb is free range, grass-fed, and finished for a minimum of 35 days on chicory and clover forage, specially cultivated by our Growers. After all, ‘you are what you eat’. And with Lumina, you can taste the difference that diet makes.

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Health attributes

Our precise genetic blend and carefully balanced diet has imbued Lumina lamb with unique health attributes – including high levels of Omega 3 and polyunsaturated fats, and an intramuscular fat target of 3-4.5%

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Each lamb is EID tagged, and can be traced all the way back to our Lumina farms. So wherever in the world Lumina is served, you can be confident of its provenance.

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Meticulous processes

As part of our supply process, every Lumina farmer signs a certification verifying that all Lumina lambs are antibiotic-free and GMO-free. Lumina has gained a number of accreditations to verify our compliance with relevant regulations and processes.

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The best of butchery and breeding

Lumina is the product of a joint partnership between the butchery experience of Alliance Group, and the breeding excellence of Headwaters.

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