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Lumina Lamb offers unrivalled texture, tenderness, and taste. Created through creativity, curiosity and collaboration, it is highly coveted by culinary masters all over the world.

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Supreme Shoulder

The Supreme Shoulder is one of our larger cuts. With fine intramuscular fat marbling, it’s designed to provide chefs with greater versatility, lower labour costs, and higher margins.

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Square Cut Shoulder

Lumina Lamb - Square Cut Shoulder is a fantastic cut slow cooked on the BBQ or in the oven.

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Saratoga Rack

Indulge in the gourmet elegance of Lumina's New Zealand lamb Saratoga Rack - a culinary masterpiece featuring a four-ribbed frenched lamb rack.

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The hallmarks of Lumina lamb


Lumina Lamb is created through rigorous standards and meticulous processes. That’s how we guarantee the consistency of size, taste, and performance that chefs around the world crave.

Eating experience

Lumina is unlike any lamb on the market. It has a subtle and mild flavour, and a light and delicate mouth feel. It’s finely marbled, exceptionally tender, and utterly unique.

Cooking experience

We work closely with chefs to ensure the very best cooking experience. Lumina lamb is the pinnacle of versatility, consistency, and ease. It renders beautifully, doesn’t shrink, and has a taste that speaks for itself.

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Lumina is available from a range of high-end distributors, based all around the world.

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We strive towards minimal waste, utilising as much of the animal as we can.

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