The new Lumina Lamb Supreme Shoulder

New Product Supreme Shoulder

From labour shortages, to margin pressures, to diner expectations, the demands placed on chefs are complex and challenging. The Supreme Shoulder is here to provide a succulent solution.

The Lumina Supreme Shoulder comprises the neck fillet, scrag meat, oyster shoulder, and fore shank. With fine intramuscular fat marbling, it’s extremely tender – with a signature mild flavour and light texture.

As one of our largest cuts, the Supreme Shoulder has the flexibility and versatility to suit any menu. Easy to prepare, cook, and serve, it can also lead to lower labour costs and increased margins.

All without compromising on diners’ high expectations of quality and taste.

A flexible and versatile addition to the menu

The Supreme Shoulder brings endless serving options and applications to the table.

Serve Whole
Slow cooked, with bone in, served on a platter. A brilliant family-style meal for a larger group of diners.

Bone Out
Slow cooked, bone taken out, pressed and portioned. The ideal way to control portion sizes and add versatility.

Further Processed
Cooked, bone taken out, served portioned. Add vegetables and garnish to create the perfect protein portion.

Product Attributes

  • Grass-fed and finished on chicory and clover forage
  • Aged for 21 days
  • Traceable back to Lumina Farms
  • Lambs are verified antibiotic-free
  • All farms are verified GMO-free

A cut above the rest

  • 1. Labour-saving

    The larger cut means fewer touch points, and easier preparation, cooking, and serving.

  • 2. Versatility

    From bone in, to pulled, to processed, there are numerous ways to prepare and serve.

  • 3. Flexibility

    With the ability to be broken down or served whole, it can cater to endless dining options. It can be portioned and served to suit

  • 4. Sustainability

    As a bigger cut, the Supreme Shoulder provides more meat with less packaging.

Key product details

The base is the oyster shoulder, with the neck fillet, scrag meat and fore shank left on – one whole primal cut.

  • Piece Weight Range


  • Average Piece Weight


  • Pieces Per Pack


  • Packs Per Carton


  • Pieces Per Carton


  • Average Carton Weight


  • Cooked Avg. Portions Per Piece


  • Storage (Chilled)

    0°C to -2°C

  • Storage (Frozen)


Nutritional Information

Oyster shoulder, neck fillet, scrag meat and fore shank.

Average quantity per 100 grams of raw edible tissue

  • Energy

    905kJ / 216 kcal

  • Protein

    17.3 g

  • Total Fat

    16.5 g

  • Saturated Fat

    6.7 g

  • Carbohydrate

    0 g

  • Sugar

    0 g

  • Sodium

    64 g