This is the true story of a wildly ambitious group who embarked on a journey to breed the world’s best and most succulent lamb. One that would offer unrivalled tenderness and texture, along with superior health attributes. A foolhardy endeavour? Many thought so. But – as you’ll have guessed – after 15 years of hard work and a myriad of challenges, this story has a deliciously happy ending.

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The pinnacle of taste.

It all started with an idea. To usher in a new kind of lamb. One that would be revered the world over as the pinnacle of breeding, growing and finishing. One that would give culinary masters the perfect canvas with which to create. A lamb that would provide a consistent melt-in-the-mouth experience that surpasses any other. To say this was a bold idea is an understatement. In fact, no one knew if such a thing was even possible. But that didn’t stop our visionaries. And the first thing they did was gather the perfect companions for the journey ahead.

The long and winding road.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. And so it goes for creating the perfect breed of lamb. The team that makes up Lumina were (and still are) a group of experts from a wide range of fields. Farmers, shepherds, agronomists, geneticists, butchers and chefs. Each with their own specialty, all able to contribute new and radical ideas to a shared vision.

This was an exciting time of creativity, curiosity and collaboration. One of exploration and innovation. A community of experts all committed to the pursuit of perfection. This holistic approach to lamb breeding was in itself a world first. No one had ever brought these disciplines together. And after 15 years of research and testing, the Lumina Team have succeeded in turning their dream into a reality. And they’ve never stopped dreaming since...

Making perfection a reality.

The Lumina family is made up of a team of passionate individuals united around a common goal. A team whose commitment is captured in every cut. In fact, Lumina’s fine intramuscular micro-marbling (much like Wagyu) has never been seen before in lamb. And it comes with a signature milder taste, exceptional texture and tenderness, and versatility on the plate. It is – quite simply – a game-changing experience for chefs and diners alike.

Lumina lambs are born and raised in the New Zealand hill and high country. Through rigorous standards and meticulous processes, Lumina lamb is 100% natural, free range, grass-fed and finished on specially cultivated chicory herb pastures. The meat itself is finely marbled and enriched with high levels of naturally occurring Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. It’s characterised by a mild aroma, light pink to pale red colour, and a tantalising, lighter-bodied texture.

As well as a host of excellent health attributes, Lumina lamb offers a delicate taste and tender texture. Its consistency and quality allow for total reliability and ease of preparation, and breath-taking, innovative dish creation.

That, in a nutshell, is the story of Lumina. But to truly understand how this epic journey culminated in the world’s most exquisite lamb, we have to look at the characters who shaped this tale.

The Match Maker
AKA Nature’s Helper
"I work hand-in-hand with Mother Nature to nurture the best possible breed of lamb."
The Shepherd
AKA The Lamb Whisperer
“I make sure our lambs and ewes have everything they need to thrive. I help keep them happy and healthy.”
The Grower
AKA The Ground Guardian
“I nurture the soil, the field and the herbage. So our lambs get the very best from all the goodness nature has to offer.”
The Butcher
AKA The Curator of Cuts
“I make sure every cut continues Lumina lamb’s legacy of excellence.”
The Chef
AKA The Culinary Consultant
“I help to bring out the best in Lumina lamb. The flavours, the aromas and the possibilities.”
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Lumina Challenge
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