After the lambs are born

November 2023 Stag Valley

Spring has indeed sprung, and for many Lumina farmers the lambing season is almost over.

At Stag Valley (near Lumsden), we have birthed around 9,000 Lumina lambs this season and our focus will soon shift to tailing and collecting essential data and DNA profiles of both the stud rams and the new lambs. These invaluable insights will guide us in breeding for excellence and ensure the continued quality of our flocks.

We are also preparing the soil to start sowing the chicory and clover finishing mix, which takes about eight weeks to grow before we can put the lambs on to graze.

This year, the El Niño weather patterns have presented their unique challenges, gracing us with strong winds and bountiful rain across many New Zealand farms.

Simon Saunders, Stag Valley Farm

A large part of this lambing season has involved ensuring that the lambs have adequate shelter and a bountiful supply of food to ensure their comfort and well-being are at the forefront of our efforts.