Hunkering down for winter

February 2023 Stag Valley

We’ve reached the end of our 2022/2023 lumina Supply season, which was a hard season in new Zealand with it being unseasonably wet, though We finished with a good volume of lumina lambs.

We’re now in winter mode, and things will slow Down over the next few months as we prepare For spring. The lumina rams have been out With our ewes, and we’ll shortly start ultrasound Scanning to understand the lambing rates We can expect for spring. When we know the Number of lambs each of the ewes (mothers) are Carrying we can ensure that they have the right Diet to ensure the healthy growth of their lambs And of course the health of the mother.

Our chicory and clover forage paddocks have a Two year rotation, so they’re being maintained And cared for as the chicory is dormant until Spring when the forage will regrow. New chicory Paddocks will be prepared and the chicory Planted in early spring for fresh pasture. The two-year rotation helps us maintain soil quality and Ensures the quality of the crop.