Caberfeidh Station

Hakataramea Valley

South Canterbury Hakataramea Valley

Caberfeidh is a Lumina breeding and finishing farm and has been involved in the program since 2013.

Current conditions:

Caberfeidh is home to Lumina sheep and Angus cows with a total stock of around 32,000. All looked after by a team of 13 permanent staff.

With approximately 450 paddocks over 5,200 hectares of farmland, Caberfeidh has a range of pastures from conventional grass or lucerne base to high-producing chicory/clover mixes. Approximately 9% of the farm is Lumina forage mix.

One of the most exciting parts of being involved within the Lumina lamb program is the community.

"We are surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same passion, vision and values. Collaborating to produce a premium world-class product."

Hamish Murray - Farm Manager

The Lumina breed combined with the chicory feed produces a high-quality product that’s got a really positive effect on intramuscular fat, omega 3 levels, pH and flavour, which creates this high-quality product that everyone enjoys.

Latest Updates

After the lambs are born

Spring has indeed sprung, and for many Lumina farmers the lambing season is almost over.

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