Stag Valley


Southland Lumsden

Stag Valley farm has been involved with Lumina farming since the program began in the late 2000s.

Current conditions:

With around 6,200 breeding ewes and 1,700 replacement hoggets each year Stag Valley is home to the elite Lumina flock, producing all breeding stock for the Lumina program. The 14,000 hectares of rolling hill country are also home to approximately 130 Angus cows.

The Lumina breeding and genetics program is 100% natural. We want to have free-range, healthy sheep. The lambs are born out in the fields and they grow up in the paddocks and on the chicory with plenty of space to roam and do what they love to do.

With Lumina lamb the whole process is important – the genetics sets the potential of the lamb, the environment they live in ensures they are stress free and the chicory feed helps to manifest the succulent, tender meat that chefs love to cook with.

"With this program, we have regular contact with chefs all around the world who are serving Lumina in their restaurants, and we get direct feedback on what works well and where we can improve what we do on the farm to impact the lamb they are serving."

Simon Saunders

The reason we started with Lumina was because we wanted to be part of a program that was directly connected with the consumers.

Latest Updates

After the lambs are born

Spring has indeed sprung, and for many Lumina farmers the lambing season is almost over.

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